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Marbling Grading Chart Wagyu Beef


At Booth Creek Wagyu, we want to change the way you eat beef by helping you find the perfect flavor and tenderness levels for your palate.  We offer four different grades of Wagyu, based on their genetics and intramuscular fat (IMF). Our grades are driven by the percentage of IMF present in our Wagyu. The other term you may know IMF by, is “Marbling”;  This marbling (IMF), that is unique to Wagyu, is what creates the flavor and tenderness in our beef.  There’s no right or wrong grade. Each person has different tastebuds and flavor preferences.

Marbling Grades

BC40 – Owner’s Reserve

BC40, our highest grade, is comprised of a curated selection of cuts with 40% Intramuscular Fat (IMF) marbling or higher. This grade is also 100% Fullblood Japanese Wagyu. BC40 offers limited, hand selected cuts that exemplify everything that Wagyu has to offer. The tender, melt in your mouth eating experience exudes Umami (savory) flavors and is something you won’t find every day. Don’t miss your chance to Elevate Your Beef with our BC40 Owner’s Reserve.


BC30 Wagyu is the signature wagyu experience. It offers a rich savory flavor, and a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. These steaks grade with an IMF percentage of 30+ and provide that classic “buttery” Wagyu taste.  BC30 includes both 100% Fullblood Wagyu as well as some of our highly revered F1 Crossbred Wagyu cattle (called American Wagyu).


BC20 Wagyu consists mostly of American Wagyu. These steaks grade with an IMF percentage of 20-29% which places it above the level you'd find at an upscale steakhouse. These steaks offer a richer beefy flavor, with unparalleled tenderness from the marbling throughout the steak.


BC10 Wagyu consists of our American Wagyu cattle. This beef has an IMF percentage just above high Prime steaks, ranging between 10-19% IMF. BC10 steaks are going to offer the most traditional beefy flavor with great tenderness and mouthfeel thanks to the one-of-a-kind Wagyu marbling.  


Frequently Asked Questions

NEW Marbling Grades & Label Changes

Why are the labels changing?

Our genetics and feeding programs are continually improving, which has created an opportunity to adjust our grading system to reflect the quality and product improvements more easily across the board. The new scale reflects our commitment to that goal.

Use of different names, labels, and other jargon regarding beef quality has brought a lot of confusion to customers, which makes it harder to educate customers. What we've created is a scale that gets right to the point by directly referencing IMF (intramuscular fat), which is easier to understand.

Booth Creek Wagyu wants to be transparent in what our products are and make it easy for customers to dial in on their favorite grades.


What is BC10/20/30/40? How do I read the scale?

Simply put, this scale is based on the IMF (marbling) % of the beef.

The BC10 grade reflects an animal that contains at least 10% IMF.

The BC20 grade reflects an animal that contains at least 20% IMF.

The BC30 grade reflects an animal that contains at least 30% IMF.

The BC40 grade reflects an animal that contains at least 40% IMF.

For reference, Most UDSA Prime beef contains 8-12% IMF, which represents the bottom 20% of our lowest grade. Wagyu is a unique breed, and requires a unique grading system.


If I liked Platinum Label product under the old system, which grade should I purchase moving forward?

Platinum Label applied to beef that graded 25-39% IMF. Most Platinum label product will now fall under the BC30 grade (30-39%IMF). However, product with 25-29% IMF will now be in the BC20 Grade.  

Gold Label (15-24%), which will now be divided into BC20 (high gold) and BC10 (low gold).

There’s no right or wrong grade, each person has different tastebuds and flavor preferences. With our new marbling grades, we hope to make it easier than ever to find your perfect flavor and tenderness profile to Elevate your Beef TM

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