K.C. Strip End Cut Steak

K.C. Strip End Cut Steak

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Marbling Grade

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The "end cut" of the K.C. strip comes from where the striploin connects with the sirloin. As a result, there is usually a seam running through the cut. By simply eating around it, you are rewarded with a steak that is bursting with flavor, and at a more affordable price than the traditional strip.

Average weight: 10-12 oz.

  • Ships frozen

  • Locally raised and processed 

  • Ships in eco-friendly insulation

BC10: Traditional beefy flavor with elevated tenderness. Intramuscular fat percentage of 10-19%.

BC20: Hints of buttery flavor to go with exceptional tenderness. Intramuscular fat percentage of 20-29%.

BC30: Maximum richness, tenderness, and buttery flavor create a world-class steak experience. Intramuscular fat percentage of 30-39%.

BC40: An elusive class of truly extraordinary beef, consistent with the quality found in Japan and rarely found in America. Intramuscular fat percentage of 40%+.

Learn more about our marbling grade here.

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