Father's Day Celebration Planning Checklist – Have You Bought Your Wagyu Favorites?

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and we have exactly what you need to give dad the ultimate Father’s Day cookout! Surveys say that dad wants to spend time with their children and enjoy a meal at home. This checklist will help you prepare a Father’s Day celebration that’s sure to impress him.


No party is complete without delicious appetizers to kick things off. Featuring bold flavors, these dishes will set the stage for main dishes to come and keep guests coming back for more.

Wagyu Steak Tips Nachos

Start the celebration off right with our Wagyu Steak Tips Nachos. It’s a hearty and delicious appetizer that’s sure to be a hit with dad. Tip: Serve with extra salsa and guacamole on the side for dipping.

Wagyu Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

These Wagyu Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers are the perfect blend of spicy, creamy, and smoky. Fresh jalapenos stuffed with a cream cheese mix, wrapped in Wagyu bacon, and baked to crispy perfection. Tip: For an extra kick, leave some seeds on the peppers.


When it comes to the main dish, we believe in going big. Each of these recipes highlight our premium Wagyu meats, packed full of flavor, guaranteeing the ultimate Father’s Day experience.

Smoked Gouda Bacon Wagyu Burger

Elevate the classic bacon burger with our Smoked Gouda Wagyu Bacon Burger. Made with Wagyu burger patties and bacon, this burger gives a delicious twist to a cookout staple. Tip: Serve with a side of sweet potato fries or a fresh salad to balance the richness of the burger.

Wagyu Bavette Street Tacos

Add a bit of spice to your Father's Day party with our Wagyu Bavette Street Tacos. These tacos are perfect for a casual yet flavorful dining experience. Tip: Set up a taco bar with various toppings so everyone can customize their tacos to their liking. 

Bonus Items – that don’t need a recipe!

Tomahawk Steak

A showstopping cut that can stand on its own, our Tomahawk Steak is a grillmaster’s dream. Seasoned with our signature blend of spices and grilled to perfection, it's a steak that will make Dad feel extra special. Bonus, it’s so big it will serve three to four people, so you may just need one! Tip: Allow the steak to rest before serving to ensure juiciness.

Wagyu Hot Dogs

An elevated version of a grill out favorite, Wagyu Hot Dogs! Made from our high-quality Wagyu beef, these hot dogs are incredibly juicy and flavorful. Tip: Offer toppings like caramelized onions, spicy mustard, and pickled relish to complement the rich flavor.

With this checklist, you’re well on your way to planning a Father’s Day party that’s filled with delicious food and great memories to really celebrate dad. Now it’s time to fire up the grill!

Wanting more Booth Creek Wagyu products, cooking tips, and recipes to try at your cookout - head to our website.

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