Texas Style Wagyu Brisket

This authentic Texas Style Wagyu Brisket is packed with smoky, beefy, umami flavor. A simple recipe that allows the elevated marbling to create a culinary masterpiece. Here are some tips and tricks to help your brisket come out just right.

  • We use high-quality salt and pepper to let the power of marbling shine, however, you can use a seasoning of your choice as well.
  • Wagyu has a higher fat-to-lean ratio than grocery store beef, so we cook it at a lower temperature to get perfect fork tenderness.
  • Coating your brisket in tallow, partway through the cooking process, allows it to accelerate bark formation without drying out your brisket while also adding a flavor boost.
  • We wrap our brisket using butcher paper, this allows your brisket to have airflow creating the perfect bark every time.



  1. Start by preheating your smoker to 225°F using post oak pellets. Season your brisket with salt and pepper. Place brisket in preheated smoker and allow to cook.
  2. After 3 hours, spritz every 20-30 minutes until it reaches an internal temperature of 175°F (meaning it has broken through its stall phase*)
  3. Remove brisket, coat in tallow, and wrap in butcher's wrap. Place back into the smoker and allow to cook until it reaches 202-205°F and is probe tender.
  4. Remove from the smoker and wrap in a towel. Place wrapped brisket into an ice chest or insulated box and rest for 2-4 hours. Once rested, slice against the grain at the flat end of the brisket until about halfway when you reach the point. Cut this portion opposite direction of the flat. Serve and enjoy!

*Stall Phase- the period when smoking meat in which the item takes a longer amount of time to rise in temperature.

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