Innovative Meat Market Concept Set To Open In Manhattan

The retail space will include a "sampling kitchen" that offers customers free, freshly-seared bites of steak

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Booth Creek Wagyu, a new producer of Wagyu beef in northeast Kansas, is set to open a first-of-its-kind meat market next week. The store will carry multiple grades of high-quality beef, including the renowned Wagyu breed from Japan.

In addition to offering dozens of different cuts for sale, this retail space will also include a “sampling kitchen” equipped with a specialized cooktop capable of searing steak in less than a minute. Guests will be offered bites of steak prepared by BCW's team members.

This concept allows guests to try before they buy, gathering helpful knowledge of different steak cuts and preparation methods. 

Store hours and inventory will be limited initially, but will soon expand to include cheeses, sauces, and seasonings, as well as fresh/never frozen meat products. 

Wagyu is world-famous for its marbling, which is what gives beef much of its tenderness and flavor. This rich, buttery texture makes it a national treasure in its native Japan. Many of the cattle raised by Booth Creek are descendants from small herds exported to the United States in the 1980's.

The store is located at 519 McCall Road in Manhattan. Information on a Grand Opening, as well as new product announcements, will be released on BCW's Facebook page.

Booth Creek Wagyu opened in 2020 and has acquired some of the best genetics in America over the last 18 months. The company's online store now ships nationwide.

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