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Located north of Manhattan, Kansas, our ranch was originally developed for world-class whitetail deer hunting. Despite what most people think about our state’s geography, the Booth Creek ranch is anything but flat. It features deep, wooded creek draws, surrounded by rolling hills of lush tallgrass prairie, making it the perfect place to raise our special herd.  

The business began in 2020 when our founder, Dave Dreiling, attended his first Wagyu auction. He started studying the Wagyu industry in America and saw opportunities to improve it through efficiency, education, and a more practical business approach. His idea (and the herd) quickly grew larger. As a lifelong entrepreneur and outdoorsman, it was the perfect recipe for a new venture.

There are three aspects of the business that separate Booth Creek from many other Wagyu producers, and each plays a critical role in realizing our vision.  

The first was the processing facility. We purchased a small plant in 2020 and began a long but worthwhile renovation process. We achieved federal inspection from the USDA in 2021, a critical step that allowed us to start shipping products nationwide. Additionally, operating our own plant gives us control over each important cutting decision. We’ve experimented with dozens of new cuts and techniques that cater to the unique marbling found throughout each Wagyu primal. Some of the cuts we offer are rarely found in other butcher shops, but are very popular with our customers. As a result of these innovations, we now process for a handful of other Wagyu producers as well.

Another aspect of our business is the importance of keeping everything local. Our ranch, processing facility and distribution center are all located within 20 miles of each other. Along with better traceability, this centralized approach keeps our prices competitive among Wagyu producers and maintains our farm-to-fork commitment. 

The final piece of the puzzle was finding the right people who share our vision. In 2021, Andrew Coates came on board to oversee ranch operations. Andrew grew up on a Wagyu ranch in Australia and has been a cornerstone of the industry’s growth in America for decades. His family moved from California to Kansas and are now partners in the business. 

Although we started online sales in the spring of 2021, our retail business reached new heights later that year when we opened our brick-and-mortar location in Manhattan. This store offers free samples of freshly seared Wagyu steak, which gives our guests the opportunity to taste the difference for themselves and learn what makes Wagyu a culinary treasure.

Although much has changed for us since that first cattle auction, our founding principle hasn’t. We’re here to elevate America’s standard of quality beef. 

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