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Minute Steak

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Cut from the round primal and tenderized, the Minute Steak is the ideal cut for chicken fried steak, steak fingers, and everything in between! The Minute Steak is sure to take your fried dishes to the next level! Gold Label pictured.  

Average weight: 10 oz. 

  • Ships Fresh or Frozen
  • Locally raised and processed 
  • Ships in eco-friendly insulation

Silver Label: Traditional beefy with a hint of buttery flavor. Intramuscular fat percentage of 10-15%.

Gold Label: Buttery with a hint of traditional beefy flavor. Intramuscular fat percentage of 16-24%.

Platinum Label: Rich, buttery, and tender. Intramuscular fat percentage of 25%+.

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While we offer Fresh and Frozen products, if both Fresh and Frozen products are purchased they will ship Frozen.


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