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The Science of Wagyu

For us, it wasn't enough to just taste the difference of Wagyu. We wanted to know exactly how something so delicious could actually be good for you.

The key is an enzyme called delta 9 desaturase. This enzyme is highly active in Wagyu and converts saturated fatty acids into unsaturated fatty acids. In other words, the unsaturated fat common in most red meat is transformed into essential amino acids, including omega-3 and omega-6.

The result: Meat that is actually beneficial to heart health, while also linked to lowering risk of cancer, Alzheimer's and other conditions. Amazing.

As if that weren't enough, Wagyu also has the lowest cholesterol content of all meats, including chicken and fish. And you don't have to take our word for it. Here is much more on the subject from the National Institute of Health.

Look, we can't believe it either.


In the beef industry, "marbling" is the presence of intramuscular fat. This is how beef is graded all over the world. Well-marbled steaks have a much richer flavor profile than steaks without it.

In Wagyu, as you can see, the marbling is out of this world. It actually requires its own grading scale. And remember the marbling in Wagyu is mostly unsaturated fat!

In addition to the nutritional difference, Wagyu fat also has a very low melting temperature. This creates a buttery, 'melt in your mouth' texture and flavor.

The amount of marbling drastically affects the price of Wagyu beef. But what causes it? The main factors are good genetics, a protein-rich diet, and a stress free life. Combining all three doesn't come easily. But the rewards can be significant.

You can read about our advantages at Booth Creek Ranch in the About Us section. But in summary, geography plays a role. We have good grass. We have good grain. And we have plenty of space to, as we like to say, let cows be cows.

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