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Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to setting a good example within the beef industry. Here are a few ways we do our part for the planet.

The right diet.

Grain-finished cattle emit up to 67% less methane gas than grass-finished cattle. Our feeding program is carefully designed and monitored for quality.

Smarter Shipping with 

Instead of harmful Styrofoam, our shipping solutions feature biodegradable insulation from Green Cell Foam. This material is made of 100% U.S. grown corn and requires 70% less energy to produce. It is certified compostable and can even be dissolved in a sink for safe and easy disposal.

For customers in our area, we take our efforts a step further by offering pick-up and delivery services. This decreases the number of shipments we make and helps us keep prices low.

Local from Start to Finish.

Many beef companies, including some of America's largest Wagyu producers, are headquartered on the coasts. They transport their cattle hundreds of miles for processing, which is inefficient, expensive, and stressful on the animals.

We do everything right here in Kansas.

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