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Booth Creek Ranch

Located just north of Manhattan, Kansas, our ranch was originally developed for world-class whitetail deer hunting. Contrary to the perception of Kansas geography, Booth Creek features deep, wooded creek draws surrounded by rolling hills of lush tallgrass prairie. It's a haven for all kinds of wildlife.

We still hunt, but now reserve more than 2000 acres for raising our Wagyu herd.

Our location provides a number of advantages in the Wagyu industry.

Some of America's largest Wagyu producers are headquartered on the West Coast, but they raise their cattle in the Midwest, where grass and grain are cheaper. Then the cattle are hauled across the country for processing.

Each animal can lose up to 150 pounds during the journey due to stress, which also impacts meat quality. Thankfully, that's not an issue we ever have to face.

Kansas is regarded as "The Breadbasket of the World" for its abundance of high-quality grains. Additionally, the prairie grasses in our part of the state are notoriously protein-rich. Our cattle feed on both, depending on time of year and their stage of life.

This program promotes natural growth. And because everything is sourced in this area, our method is more affordable. We pass those savings on to our customers to complete a cycle we call the Tallgrass Prairie Advantage.

Less than 30 minutes away from Booth Creek sits the world-class College of Veterinary Medicine at Kanas State University, whose experts we consult on a regular basis.

Some of these details may seem small. But with a product like this, every part of the equation is important.

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