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At Booth Creek, our mission is to introduce Wagyu beef to as many people as possible. We believe the taste, combined with its health benefits compared to standard beef, can elevate America's standard of quality meat. In that spirit, we've worked hard to build a farm-to-table program that appeals to a wide range of meat eaters.

Our steaks come in two product lines: PLATINUM LABEL and GOLD LABEL. This guide explains the difference and helps you make informed decisions regarding your purchase.

PLATINUM LABEL features our most well-marbled products. These steaks grade BMS 8 or higher, and almost always consist of 100% Wagyu genetics (called Japanese Wagyu). Occasionally, we have 50-75% Wagyu animals (called American Wagyu) achieve this grade. No matter the source, you can rest assured that this beef is among the very best available in America today.

GOLD LABEL consists of crossbred Wagyu product (called American Wagyu). These steaks grade BMS 5-7, which still places it at U.S.D.A. Prime quality or above. Occasionally, some of our 100% Wagyu animals achieve this grade. Our Gold Label products are lower in price than Platinum, and may appeal to people who prefer a more traditional, beefy flavor and texture.


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