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From Hoof to Table


Located just north of Manhattan, Kansas, our ranch was originally developed for world-class whitetail deer hunting. Contrary to the perception of Kansas geography, Booth Creek features deep, wooded creek draws surrounded by rolling hills of lush tallgrass prairie. It's a haven for all kinds of wildlife.
We still hunt, but now reserve more than 2000 acres for raising our Wagyu herd.
Our location provides a number of advantages in the Wagyu industry.

Some of America's largest Wagyu producers are headquartered on the West Coast, but they raise their cattle in the Midwest, where grass and grain are cheaper. Then the cattle are hauled across the country for processing

Each animal can lose up to 150 pounds during the journey due to stress, which also impacts meat quality. Thankfully, that's not an issue we ever have to face.

Given that Kansas is known as “The Breadbasket of the World, we are able to offer our cattle high-quality grains, and protein-rich prairie grasses all in our back yard making the process much more affordable. We pass those savings on to our customers to complete a cycle we call the Tallgrass Prairie Advantage.


Retail store

We are big on high quality experiences at Booth Creek Wagyu, which is where the concept for our retail store stemmed from.
Our retail store located in Manhattan, Kansas is the first-of-its-kind meat market. In addition to offering dozens of different cuts for sale, this retail space will also include a “sampling kitchen” equipped with a specialized cooktop capable of searing steak in less than a minute. Guests will be offered bites of steak prepared by BCW's team members.
This concept allows guests to try before they buy, gathering helpful knowledge of different steak cuts and preparation methods. 

Fresh and Never Frozen Shipping

While all our Wagyu products are worth the wait, we decided to make that wait shorter, which is why we rolled out our Fresh and Never Frozen Products in our retail store. You all loved it, so we decided to make the wait even shorter for our customers that aren't so close, which is why we are now offering Fresh and Never Frozen shipping! While all of our products will ship fresh feel free to reach out to us if you'd like your products to be frozen, we are more than happy to accommodate this request!


Grain-finished cattle emit up to 67% less methane gas than grass-finished cattle. Our feeding program is carefully designed and monitored for quality.
Instead of harmful Styrofoam, our shipping solutions feature biodegradable insulation from Green Cell Foam. This material is made of 100% U.S. grown corn and requires 70% less energy to produce. It is certified compostable and can even be dissolved in a sink for safe and easy disposal.
For customers in our area, we take our efforts a step further by offering pick-up and delivery services. This decreases the number of shipments we make and helps us keep prices low.
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