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About Booth Creek Wagyu

Our Story

Located just north of Manhattan, Kansas, our ranch was originally developed for world-class whitetail deer hunting. Contrary to the perception of Kansas geography, Booth Creek features deep, wooded creek draws surrounded by rolling hills of lush tallgrass prairie – a perfect place to raise our Wagyu herd.

Our ranch, processing plant (Meatworks of Kansas), and our retail store are all within a 20-mile radius allowing us to control the entire process and bring our customers a true hoof-to-table experience.



Our People

Dave Dreiling
Dave, a lifelong business and outdoorsman, purchased Booth Creek Ranch in 2005 for deer hunting. His business ventures over the years include building a successful sportswear company and several restaurant projects. He often teaches and lectures at Kansas State University's College of Business. 
Andrew Coates
Andrew was raised on Wagyu ranches in Australia. He came to the U.S. at age 18 and played an important role in developing large Wagyu operations, both in America and abroad. His family moved to the Flint Hills of Kansas from northern California in September 2021.


Our Wagyu


Many know that, historically, Wagyu were fed beer and massaged regularly which, hypothetically, yielded gourmet Wagyu meat. While we don’t do this for our cattle, they get top-notch treatment and produce incredible marbling results. Our little secret is what we call the "Tallgrass Prairie Advantage.” Our cattle are raised in the “Breadbasket of the World,” known for an abundance of high-quality grains and notoriously protein-rich prairie grass. Our cattle feed on both, depending on the time of year and their stage of life. Furthermore, we control every step of the process – from raising our Wagyu herd to processing to selling the meat. It all happens right here in the Heartland! Because everything is sourced locally, our business model is affordable, allowing us to pass along those savings to our customers.



Our Labels

At Booth Creek Wagyu, we offer three different labels of meat - Platinum, Gold, and Silver. The label is based on the amount of marbling (or intramuscular fat percentage AKA IMF) present in each cut of steak. There’s no right or wrong label. Each person has different tastebuds and flavor preferences.

Platinum Label products are the best of the best. This is our highest grade. It’s rich and offers a buttery – melt-in-your-mouth culinary experience. These steaks grade BMS 8 or higher with an IMF of 25+%. Platinum Label almost always consists of 100% Wagyu genetics (called Japanese Wagyu).

The eating experience:  Rich, buttery, and tender


Gold Label products are the best of both worlds. Gold Label consists mostly of F1 crossbred Wagyu cattle (called American Wagyu). These steaks grade BMS 5-7 with an IMF content of 16-24%, which places it above the level you'd find at an upscale steakhouse.

The eating experience:  Buttery with a hint of traditional beefy flavor


Silver Label products consist of our F1 crossbred Wagyu cattle. These products have an IMF content just above high Prime steaks. Silver Label products are going to offer the most traditional beefy flavor with a touch of Wagyu tenderness and at great price point.

The eating experience:  Traditional beefy with a hint of buttery flavor

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